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Goodbye Tumblr

So I wanted to say Goodbye.

I alluded to my leaving Tumblr a few months ago, and planned on doing it on my one year anniversary of the beginning of my Tumblr experiment. This is a little premature, but, as this post is my 1,000th post, I have decided that this milestone is just as appropriate as any other.

I want to thank all of my Tumblr followers, and all of the people whom I follow (whom I realize don’t follow me back and won’t ever see this post) for being so wonderful.

I have learned a lot from all of you people and have really, really enjoyed my time using this website to share my poems, stories, photos, heartaches, and much more. I appreciate having been let into your worlds and learning more about you, the things you like, the things you desire, and the things that push you to your limits.

I wish I had, had a community like this when I was younger. It would have been great for me to realize that I wasn’t alone. That people did care. That there was always something worth fighting for. As it stands now, I need to spend my days doing things of more value to my every day life, and not just staring at my iPhone going through literally every post of each one of the people I follow and liking everything that makes me happy.

So, again, thank you all. It’s been wonderful. I won’t be deleting my account and I’ll still be around. Perhaps one day if and when I choose to publish my poetry or one of my novels I’ll be back on here and on FB and Twitter to hock my wares. In the mean time you can send me messages on here if you want, or if you were feeling particularly sleuthy you could look me up on one of those sites. I’m not very hard to find.

Be well Tumblr brothr’s and sistr’s, be well. I wish you all the best of luck with everything you do!


  1. bigdubtrouble said: I think this sucks. While I respect your decision, I also hate it. You have been one of my biggest reasons to even use Tumblr, and you are constantly posting things that inspire me to better myself, and stay positive. You should come back, srsly.
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